Over the past 10 years Dr. Evans has helped countless Skilled Nursing Facilities improve G-tube patient care through regular on-site visits.  Dr. Evans and his qualified medical staff will visit your facility and provide G-tube evaluation and care for all of your G-tube patients.  They will replace old G-tubes, address G-tube Stoma problems such as proud flesh, and provide progress notes for each patient’s medical chart. 

Dr. Evans will train your staff on the proper care for the G-tube Stoma and surrounding skin.  His on-site evaluation will address granulated tissue, erythema, and overall tissue breakdown.  He will provide a plan of action to resolve these issues and assist your staff with proper treatment.  

Transporting patients to the hospital for G-tube replacement provides unnecessary stress and risk to the patient.  Dr. Evans has proven that providing regular on-site evaluation eliminates unnecessary ER visits due to G-tube related issues.

Dr. Evans’s on-site G-tube evaluations will increase your patient care while decreasing your risk exposure and work load.  Dr. Evans bills directly for all services rendered and provides progress notes for each patient.


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